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Materials & Finishes


The materials I work with are mostly local and native timbers. I source timbers locally from Clan Donald and around skye and I get it cut and kiln dried so I can use it for furniture. We typically get Ash, Beech, Larch, Sycamore and Elm locally. The local Elm is my favourite, it is quite spectacular with greens and reds through it.  Native timbers include Oak, pine, Ash, Elm, Beech, Walnut, Chestnut etc. Imported timbers are readily available also and I try and make sure they are from sustainable sources.  I have some samples in the workshop if you want to view them.

Other materials

I use subcontractors for stone worktops and glass and I use a local welder fabricator for stainless steel and aluminium work. Locally my Aunt has a pottery workshop for ceramics and there is a leather workshop locally which I use for covering upholstery. I can also source plumbers , builders and electricians for larger jobs like kitchens etc.


My standard finish is an AC Lacquer which can have different sheens to suit your preference. This is the best finish available for wear and tear and if looked after will last very well even with commercial use. There are many other lacquers available, even ones that are fire resistant. Other finishes are available, I often use tung oil which is about the best of oil finishes, I also use waxes and varnishes. It is all about your preference.

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